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      Yixing Jingxin Powder Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is a well-known enterprise that provides automatic deep processing equipment and overall system solutions for powder materials, with complete service capabilities from R & D, design, test to manufacturing, installation, and commissioning. Relying on decades of research and development and manufacturing of powder equipment and engineering ceramics, the company has a fully independent production capacity of "contamination-free" powder deep-processing production lines, and has strong capabilities of influence in the field of powder materials at home and abroad, especially in the field of high-end materials.

      The company's core products include a series of "contamination-free" powder deep-processing equipment that organically combines wear-resistant engineering ceramics with mechanical equipment. Representative products include: all-ceramic made fluidized bed jet mills, all-ceramic made flat jet mills, Ceramic mechanical crusher, all-ceramic made grinder, all-ceramic made jaw crusher, all-ceramic made roll crusher, all-ceramic made turbine classifier, all-ceramic made column grinder, all-ceramic made feeder, all-ceramic made conveying pipeline series ,all-ceramic made discharging valve, all-ceramic made series mixer, all-ceramic made dry mixing sand mill, etc.

      The company's products have a wide range of applications, including new energy materials such as lithium battery positive and negative materials, photovoltaic materials, electronic materials, high-tech ceramic materials, high-end food and medical materials, fine chemical materials, fine non-mineral materials, etc. Production line functions covered marerials charging, stocking, feeding, breaking, crushing, dispersing, classifying, mixing, conveying, packaging, palletizing, etc., and customized for each customer, providing a full range of free pre-sale services from small trials to medium ones.

      Yixing Jingxin always attaches importance to R & D and innovation. Since its establishment, it has obtained more than 40 national patents (including multiple invention patents), passed the acceptance of two technology-based SME technology innovation funds, and main united and participated in the development of two industries and groups. The standard "Fluidized Bed Pneumatic Pulverizer" and "Full-ceramic and free from metal pollution of mechanical unltra-micro grinding equipment" are high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu Province and are also the executive directors of the Jiangsu Particle Society.

      Yixing Jingxin adheres to the corporate philosophy of "innovation, service, integrity and diligence", benchmarks against internationally advanced enterprises, and is determined to become a leader in the "non-contamination powder deep processing" industry, providing long-term and stable quality services to customers in various fields at home and abroad.

      Remarks: "No contamination" in this catalogue means to reduce the relative introduction of pollutants and impurities that are harmful to the performance of the product as much as possible during the processing process, especially to avoid the introduction of metal impurities. It is a relative "no contamination" rather than absolute In the sense of “no contamination”; “all-ceramic” means that the main stress-bearing and wear-resistant parts are made of engineering structural ceramics (alumina, zirconia, silicon nitride, silicon oxide, etc.), and strive to use the same components as the products of the same material, the remaining non-moving storage containers are treated with wear-resistant coating; the above is hereby specified.

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