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  • 收料设备



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    DMC series · Pulse dust collector
    working principle:
    After the dust-containing gas enters the dust collector, the gas-solid two-phase flow is separated on the surface of several built-in filter bags. After the gas is filtered, it is evacuated from the rear duct by the induced draft fan, and the fine particles adhering to the filter bag are struck down under the action of regular pulse cleaning gas and discharged from the discharge port along the wall of the cylinder.
    1.   过滤效率高,可捕集0.1μm以上的微细颗粒,完全可以满足气体排放的国家环保标准。
    2.   可以作为旋风分离器后的末端除尘装置,也可以直接作为的收料装置。
    3.   可根据客户物料特点,采用具有耐高温、耐腐蚀等特点的特殊滤料,并且可采用离线分腔式结构,高效过滤。也可以采用滤筒、烧结板等其他过滤介质。
    1. High filtration efficiency, which can capture fine particles above 0.1μm, which can fully meet the national environmental standards for gas emissions.
    2. It can be used as the terminal dust removal device after the cyclone separator, or it can be directly used as the only material collection device.
    3. According to the characteristics of customer materials, special filter materials with high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance can be used, and offline sub-cavity structure can be used to ensure efficient filtration. Other filter media such as filter cartridges and sintered plates can also be used.
    技术参数表(Technical Data Sheet)
    Note: The specific matching is related to the product particle size distribution, dust content, material specific gravity, etc., specific can be communicated with our engineers, non-standard models can be customized.
    实物图片(Physical picture)

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